"The car arrives from us."

Translation:Mitőlünk érkezik az autó.

September 7, 2016

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I wrote "Belőlünk érkezik az autó" and it's wrong. What is the difference between "Belőlünk" and "Mitőlünk"?


"Belőlünk" is "from inside of us". That is quite unnatural. "(Mi)tőlünk" is what you would say as "from us".

There are other uses for "belőlem", "belőlünk", etc., but that is a different topic.


fair enough, however I used the term "Tölünk" instead of "mitölünk"- there is absolutely no difference between the two- moreover, I have never ever used or heard "mitölünk" in everyday speech


I have. It is just an emphasized version of "tőlünk".


with all due respect I am Hungarian, with spending a 2 decades of my life there, if I have not heard it - at best it should be mentioned as a lone exception, and not used it in 30 different excersises.


Yes, "tőlünk" is probably used more frequently, but look out for "mitőlünk", you never know when you will hear it next. :). As for its usage in this course, you can always report it to the makers of this course, maybe they will take it into consideration.
Here is one rare example for "mitőlünk":


I've never heard anyone using these with the personal pronouns glued at the beginning of the word, yet the course marks me wrong almost each time i don't use the prolonged forms

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