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  5. "חיים של שוטר הם לא משעממים."

"חיים של שוטר הם לא משעממים."

Translation:The life of a policeman is not boring.

September 7, 2016



Actually we need "the"in this sentence


Why is the of the phrase plural, but the answer not?

I answered "The lives of police officers aren't boring" but was wrong. Even if חיים isn't actually plural, the second half of the phrase is.


z "חיים" is actually plural in Hebrew but translates to singular in English.


The English translation here is grammatically incorrect. The sentence in its current order is missing a definite article. It should be "The life of a policeman ..." Alternatively, changing the order, it could be "A policeman's life ..." Either way, though, an article is needed.


tngraham's post is from 2017.
The translation has since been corrected (2019-12-01).


In some cases, the use of the definite article is idiomatic in a language. In one language it would be considered redundant but in another it would be necessary. Would you say in English: "A life of a policeman"? I'm not a native speaker, but to me it sounds weird. In Hebrew you would say it. I've noticed other differences like that between Hebrew and English, and between English and German.


In English we would use either of the two forms that tngraham mentioned.


Khaim shel shoter hem lo mesha’amemim.


Hebrew often uses verbs where English would use adjectives, and that’s the case here. According to Pealim, “boring” is an adjective which is ‏משעמם mesha’amem, but the word they use here is the verb form mesha’amemim.


Why is it not החיים? I thought you needed a ה before possessives?

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