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What is difference between благодарю and спасибо?

September 7, 2016



благодарю is not a formal one or no more formal than спасибо.

благодарю came from old bulgarian that is the base of Church Slavic . There is still duality of languages in modern Russian . There is a number of old bolgarian roots that are the synonyms to russian ones . for example you can say "Ждите" and "Ожидайте" (Wait) / where жд root is from old bolgarian and ожид is from old russian.

But some of the old bulgarian origin words are more poetic. Thus благодарю in the context of "Thank you" is just more poetic.

But as a verb in context "He thanks for a meal " the only possibility is to say "Он благодарит за еду" , you can't say "Он спасибит за еду"

September 13, 2016


You are right, it comes from our "Благодаря". I do find a lot of similar words between Bulgarian and Russian.


Russian and Bulgarian share many common words, because they descend from the same parent language, not necessarily because these words are borrowed.


you could say "он говорит спасибо за еду", though


it means "He is saying thank you for the food" . But not "He is thanking " . The phrase sounds like narrative.


also if you're informing someone that someone else thanked them for the food, you could say "он сказал вам спасибо за еду"


yes, that's true, but in a book kind of context it is still very likely to be written as something along the lines of "он говорит спасибо за еду и уходит домой"


благодарю is a verb and requires a personal pronoun. E.g.: "Благодарю вас" = "(I) thank you";
спасибо = thanks


you may imply the personal pronoun and just say "Благодарю" instead "Благодарю вас". It's not a mistake.


these words are synonyms, but благодарю is more formal.


Thank you so much :)


спасибо is used casually, like if you're asking someone to pass the salt. it can be "intensified" by saying "большое спасибо"- literally translated "big thanks", but non-literally meaning "thanks a lot". благодарю is more "intense" and more formal, as well as sometimes more flamboyant.


comeon! "Спасибо is used casually, like if you're asking someone to pass the salt."

What about "Спасибо товарищу Сталину за наше счастливое детсво!" ?


i guess it could work like that too, haha. it's just usually used more casually.


They are synonyms; "Благодарю" is more formal while "спасибо" is informal and more frequently used in daily life.


Спасибо is not more formal. Last year Putin's conference (so its an example of formal speech) contained 40x Спасибо and 1x благодарю вас.

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