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In your opinion, what does Hungarian sound like?

I hope it fits in the topic. So for me (native Hungarian speaker) the language has the most basic sound as a language can have :)

So what does it sound like? (Is it harsh, quiet, fast etc.)

September 7, 2016



Basic? No way, I think it's fascinating and I like listening to it. My step-mother is a native speaker (her parents were from Hungary and she grew up speaking Hungarian at home). I don't really know how to describe it, it's kind of musical and at the same time a little bit like...I'm not really sure how to say, it kind of sounds like it would be fun to speak because of how some of the consonants seem to roll off the tongue so easily. It's on my list of languages I want to learn (not currently, because there are a few more important at the moment that would help with my career) but hopefully I will get around to doing at least the Hungarian tree on Duolingo. :)

[deactivated user]

    To me it sounds rather soft and percussive. To my wife it sounds like Dothraki.


    I think it sounds really pretty, with nice vowel sounds, especially ö and ü (and the longer versions). There are no harsh sounds, to my ear. There's a good balance between consonants and vowels - no big, scary consonant clusters. A lot of words have kind of a rhythmic sound to them. Take a word like "legegészségesebb" - it sounds like percussion. :)

    Hungarian sounds beautiful when sung - I listen to a lot of songs and get as much pleasure listening to the words as to the music. As for the pace, it seems to be similar to English. After studying Spanish for several years, I find most languages to be reasonably paced. :)


    At first when I had no contact with the language it sounded like Russian (it's totally different now!). Now that I've heard quite a bit of Hungarian it has a very distinctive and melodic sound because everything seems to flow into the next words. And I absolutely love hearing angry Hungarians. Some of my favorite examples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kpn2bXQkYnw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vArfvshKrXY


    LOL I just looked at it LOL LOL LOL I like this one so much: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqBO9awXEs0 Thank you very much :-))


    wow that makes me so unreasonably proud :D


    I am learning it partly because I like the sound. It reminds me of Elvish or something Tolkien would use and I think it did influence some of his work.


    For me it sounds like a mordor language


    Hungarian sounds like clay blocks. You're wondering what a clay block sounds like right now. In Spanish, Italian, and many Romance languages, the languages sound like a straight line. Everything blends like some kind of melody. The words merge into one another. With Dutch and German, it seems like dried concrete blocks. It's relatively simple to understand since they're spoken slower and it's easier to pick out individual words.

    With Hungarian, the words blend in to some degree.


    I find it musical. I recently did an experiment of listening to a certain infamous Disney song (Legyen hó) in all 4 of my languages, English, French, German and Hungarian. Hearing the same (possibly over-familiar) song in different languages is fascinating to me, and it helps that the Disneys all come with subtitles so you can see how the words are written as well as sung. French is my second language, I grew up with it in England with a French mother, so I found I liked that version a great deal but probably only because I could understand it easily. The German I could understand, yet it seemed clunky in the chorus. The Hungarian version? Could not understand a word but it sounds great, and the chorus has been earworming me for days in a manner I find most agreeable. Ugye jó! Ugye jó! I have no real idea what that means, (google translate comes up with something a bit odd sounding) but it sounds great on the ear!

    A couple of chums sent me the Dutch, Swedish and Icelandic version, but the Hungarian version is still sounds the best to me.


    As a Finn, I find the sound of Hungarian very familiar despite being quite esoteric otherwise. I can't understand it at all since most of the vocabulary is different despite being (kinda) related, but the tonality and the use of vowels and consonants is very similar to Finnish somehow. I guess that explains why our English accents are often quite similar also. Funnily, when I listen to Hungarian, it's easier to distinguish between individual words in combined words, than when actually reading text. This might be a thing with Finnish text also, when viewed by a foreigner.


    I just started studying Hungarian recently, and I described it to a friend thusly: Imagine German and French had a baby which was then adopted and raised by Russian. :)


    It sounds like chicken....I'm not being helpful, sorry :) Anyway, I really love the sound of the language. Even though it is a challenging language, it is well worth my time.


    "It sounds like chicken." LOL!!


    To me it sounds really soft, it doesn't have many zh sh ch sounds like Slavic languages (especially Polish) and it also doesn't have the kh sound like Dutch or Hebrew. I also find that it stands out in its clarity (articulation) and that it's fairly monotonous and you hear the 'e' sound a lot.


    My parents are Hungarian. Perhaps it was just them and their friends, but it has always sounded harsh to me.


    It sounds quick and melodic, but with some harsh parts to it. I think it sounds very Asian.


    When i heard it the First time, i had the impression, as if the speakers would walk on the sentences, to make them wider and longer. And i heard monotone words of: lek, bol, meg, ről, fek, ban, öröl... And when i saw the First Hungarian film, i couldn't stop laughing. I thought, it was something artificial, like klingon or a micky mouse language. But after some time, i got used to the melody and found it very harmonic, especially poems or songs. Meanwhile I'm in love with the Hungarian language and like to listen, read or speak it. (hindi sounded to me like:dadada hae, dadada hae, and my indian girlfriend said, that German sounds to her like: Kasserrmasserr, kasserrmasserr,....)


    I play the great language game alot which is a "guess the language" game basically and hungarian always sounds very pleasing to my ears and is also a very intriguing language to me. I think it's rather beautiful sounding.

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