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Stop the clutter! Please do not report mistakes here and read the comments below before posting.

I've had a tendency of late where I submit mistakes using the "Report a Problem" link but then also post it to the discussion. A moment ago when I went to post the problem to the discussion I received the message "Stop the clutter! Please do not report mistakes here and read the comments below before posting".

But I like to be able to post mistakes to the discussion. I'm not a fluent speaker and sometimes I think there's a problem but don't know 100% that there's a problem so it's good to get feedback from the community. Using the "Report a Problem" functionality feels like I'm throwing my comment down a well: I don't get any feedback whether the mistake I think I've found is actually a mistake.

I understand that Duolingo doesn't want a discussion board full of "This is wrong" and "I wrote this and the system complained" but if that's the case it would be good if there was more visibility into the process of submitting and tracking reported problems.

September 7, 2016



Report when you know it is a definite mistake. Asking if you are unsure is what the discussion area is for, just avoid saying "fix this please" in the discussion area


They prefer to report mistakes and if you think your answer was correct to Report A Problem, not on the Discussions.
They say that they will see it eventually on Report a Problem, but not in Discussion.

Sometimes with French, I've had quite a few emails, thanking me and saying, "We now accept this translation." So they eventually see it.


The Hebrew forum should not be used socially. It is becoming very hard for us to answer questions and for users to find explanations to common problems. Please use the sentence discussions to only post questions and not report problems.

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