"People like fish."

Translation:Ludzie lubią ryby.

September 7, 2016

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Is ryby here accusative plural?


Yes indeed.


The English sentence doesn't say fishes, sais fish. Ryby is plural, isn't it?


The plural of "fish" in English is unhelpfully "fish".


so how do qe know which you mean here? Why, then, would an acceptable answer not be rybę?


I believe that singular "fish" (without an article) here would mean "fish meat", which indeed would be "rybę" and we accept that.


i put rbybyb instead of ryby and am now questioning my existence


What does lubia mean?


(they) like.


the translation "Ludzie lubia ryba" (can't do the correct a- form in lubia here) should be admitted, because this sentence makes sense as a general statement


Ryba is not a valid accusative form, unless you are speaking Silesian Polish.


sorry, what I meant was: "Ludzie lubią rybę"


Can someone explain really quickly why the Accusative Case is used after 'to like" I just need help understanding why it's the Accusative and not Instrumental.


Accusative is used for the direct object of the sentence, so most verbs at the beginning of this course need Accusative.

Instrumental is used in sentences like "He is a fish" ;)


Is there a particular reason we say "Ludzie lubią ryby" and not "Osoby lubią ryby"?


Maybe simply because you also rather say "People are strange" than "Persons are strange"?

I wouldn't use "osoby" in such a general sentence. If it was a bit more specified, like saying "three people", then "trzy osoby" is the way to go (yes, "osoby" are more probable than "ludzie" when you use a numeral, probably just because of grammar - "ludzie" need a collective numeral and that makes it more complicated). Or "people who voted for Scooby Doo" could also use "osoby". But I wouldn't say it here.


I can't put the verb behind object in polish?


"Can't" is a bit too much, but in most situations - why would you? That would make you sound like Yoda.

"Ludzie ryby lubią" sounds like "The thing about people and how they feel towards fish is that they like them".


Or maybe that "the thing about people, is that they are fish-likers"

Is that the correct sort of tone?

It sort of reminds me of the difference you taught us between 'to nie jest adjective' and 'to jest nieadjective'

Maybe this ludzie ryby lubią changes the meaning in a similar way


I don't know if it's a similar difference, but I'd agree with "fish-likers", that's nicely put.


But I thought Ludzie was masculine personal which required a different a different ending for fish?


Yes, "ludzie" is masculine personal, but that has nothing to do with the fish. It matters for the words (pronouns, adjectives) that describe the noun "ludzie", e.g. for the way to translate "these people" or "tall people".

The translation for the object of the sentence, "fish", will be the same in "Women like fish", "People like fish", "Cats like fish" and every other sentence which uses "XYZ like fish".


Everybody except me.

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