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"Η εφημερίδα διαβάζεται από τον άντρα."

Translation:The newspaper is read by the man.

September 7, 2016



Is "The newspaper is being read by the man" correct as well?


I wrote Η εφημερίδα διαβάζεται από τον άντρα and was marked wrong because of άντρα, which is spelled just like above... A kink to fix, I guess. There was no way for me to report this as a problem (no "my answer should be accepted" option, so I decided to comment here.


That's odd. It should've been accepted. :/ Thank you for your comment though.

[deactivated user]

    άντρα and άνδρα is the same


    They're not pronounced completely identically, though, are they?

    In "type what you hear" exercises, you have to type the words the voice says, not use synonyms that are pronounced a bit differently.


    There is an error in the word bank. It does not include the word "reads"


    How did you want to use the word „reads“ to translate this sentence?


    Sorry I meant to write "is read". My comment however was that the word bank did not give the option to use this verb.


    Voice Error on the U.S. SAT and in most non-science situations. *Is it a voice error in Greek as well, or can you use this form most of the time?


    I'm afraid I didn't get the question, could you elaborate?

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