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"Ποια είναι η τετραγωνική ρίζα του εννέα;"

Translation:What is the square root of nine?

September 7, 2016



Plus or minus three.


The same thought crossed my idle mind. But maybe we should delete these idle comments.


Η τετραγωνική ρίζα του εννέα είναι το τρία.


Υπάρχουν πάντα δύο ρίζες, το θετικό και το αρνητικό =)


Why two words for the adjective square: τετράγωνος and τετραγωνικός?


I think it's like "square" or "squared". The table may be square, but the root (3) is squared (i.e. multiplied by itself). Visualize a 3x3 box, with an area of 9. If the question is what is the square root, you're really asking what do you get when you take a square with an AREA of 9 (9 "squared") and look for the length of one side. That's the square root because if three is squared (multiplied by itself), it's an area of 9.


9 should be accepted


Oops, I reported an error with the audio that probably isn't really an error. I know that this is incorrect grammar, but I really hear "ποια ειναι τα τραγωνικη ριζα του εννεα" (note "τα" instead of "η") when played at normal speed. When I played it slowly, I now hear that "η" is pronounced "eta", which gives the "τα" when said quickly after "ειναι". First time that this "feature" of the speech synthesizer has lead me astray!

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