"I am dreaming about a green lion."

Translation:Εγώ ονειρεύομαι ένα πράσινο λιοντάρι.

September 7, 2016

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So the word "about" is encompassed within ονειρεύομαι? Can you say ονειρεύομαι για ένα πράσινο λιοντάρι?


...just like the ones I used to know


About is used a lot in English. Is it normal for it to be silent in Greek?

And if we use a word for about, such as those listed in the hints (για, απο, etc) is it wrong, clumsy or okay?


In Greek you don't dream about a lion (you just dream a lion), and that's why in this particular case (with this verb) the about must be silent. Ιn other cases such as "talk about" για is necessary "μιλάω για".


The hints should show that (dreaming about = ονειρεύομαι).


Yes, sorry. I've added it. Many thanks.


Marked wrong, I checked the spelling very carefully but the only difference was the "εγώ". I took a screen shot but I don't know how to add it.


Thank you. Yes, you're right we had the "Εγώ" translation as the preferred. I've changed it to an alternative. I'm sorry I haven't gotten to this level in reviews so you may find more errors. I appreciate your feedback; it is a great help. Don't even ask me about my adventures with screen shots. :-)))


Thnaks, I enjoy playing a small part in refining a great programme.


I have exactly the same problem. Everything is the same in my answer as the one above, but I left Εγώ out.


Okay, there must be some kind of bug in my browser or the program, because now I answered with Εγώ and the program still says my answer is wrong - although doesn't underline me any word as incorrect. I even copied the given correct answer and gave it, and it's still wrong.


As you can see from the other posts "Εγώ" is not the issue. Our Incubator shows the sentence with or without "εγώ" as correct. The problem seems to be a glitch/bug in the Duobot. You should report this directly to Duo.


If you could include a screenshot it would go a long way to resolving this.


Just so you know, the glitch you mention is still happening. I've contacted support via the link you mentioned and have sent a screenshot as requested.


I have translated exactly as above "Εγω ονειρευομαι ενα πρασινο λιονταρι" and am being repeatedly given WRONG ANSWER???


That might be because there is a complete lack of accents in your answer, so there is more than one word containing a typo. Try to add the necessary accents next time!

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