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Audio pronunciations

Anybody know why unlike other languages (Italian for one) when the cursor is moved over each particular word the audio pronunciation is not provided. Is it a setting or simply the way this language has been set up? Audio is provided for the entire phrase but depending on the phrase it is difficult to understand a specific word.

September 7, 2016



It's due to the fact that Hungarian (like e.g. Esperanto, Ukrainian, or Irish) on Duolingo does not use a text-to-speech engine (TTS, "computer voice") but instead has recordings of a real human.

They only have the budget to make (I think) 3000 sentence recordings in those languages where they go with real recordings.

This means no "turtle speed" (since that would double the number of recordings necessary) and no single-word recordings (e.g. when hovering over a word).

Duolingo languages that use TTS can create recordings automatically, so if the team adds a new sentence, it will automatically have sound, because it's just a computer that can be told to read any sentence. But Duolingo languages that use human recordings only have that set of 3000 recorded sentences and anything new that comes in after that will simply have no sound.


Got it. Thanks for the clarification. I would have made it easier because some of the words are difficult to establish the pronunciation via the phrase(s) or sentence statement. Thanks again.

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