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  5. "I am not afraid of anything."

"I am not afraid of anything."

Translation:Nie boję się niczego.

September 7, 2016



could it be "nic nie się boję"? actually i do not understand when we have to decline nic and when not. why say "nie boję się niczego", but "nic nie rozumiem". Whz don't we say "nie rozumiem niczego"?


you can say "niczego nie rozumiem". you can always use "niczego" in genitive.

I think you can use both nic and niczego if the not negated verb requires accusative, but can only use niczego if the not negated verb requires genitive. (I can't find the rule anywhere, it always says both are correct if case is determined by a verb)

Also you use only "nic", if it is nominative, and if preposition requires accusative, and you use only niczego if preposition requires genitive.


why does it not accept ja nic nie boje size??

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Cause it's wrong.

It should be "niczego" here, for reasons mentioned by immery before, and moreover, you shouldn't put "się" at the end of the sentence.


Yoda nie wierze cie, Luke.

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