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Any advice for learning to understand Greek pronunciation???

I cannot make out the sounds and put them together with the letters!! Help!

September 7, 2016



I spend a lot of time sounding out the words and saying them to myself. You can hear the audio for each word by itself if you click on the word. Listening to just one word is a lot easier than hearing whole phrases or sentences.

I think the words kind of run together, especially when the first word ends in a vowel and the second starts with a vowel. I really have a hard time "hearing" two words clearly in this case. I'm not sure if this is a "problem" with the audio or because that is the way Greek is spoken.

Hope this helps.


I am a native Greek speaking. Well! I could say that you are right. I'm trying to run all the Greek tree, even it is not useful to me, just to see how the audio sounds. Some words do not sound well or clear. I reported to the Greek team many times. About the phrases: The phrase itself has a stress also, depending on what do you want to emphasize more. Some phrases are questions, even they are not in the text. I don't know the way DL recorded these phrases. This is a technical problem than only DL can say about more. The Greek team, as I know has no authority to record the phrases. I think it is DL policy about. A native Greek actually in cases that two vowels are continuous for reasons of euphony the vowels are merged sometimes. I mean, the phrase is something more than simple words. I don't speak of course about variations in different areas of Greece. Notice that the audio is based on the most clear Greek pronunciation, I think it it this one of Athens. In conclusion: Only listening to a native Greek you can understand the real pronunciation. Do not disappointed though: Most of the cases DL pronunciation in Greek is too close, even say absolutely a real Greek pronunciation. After all, all the people in Athens have not the same pronunciation.

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I've just registered for Forvo, tried out a few words (especially with Γγ) and like it. Please let us know how you find it so we know whether to pass it on to the community.



I've just posted a (long) discussion on this topic. Take a look at https://www.duolingo.com/comment/17679347 . I hope it helps you out.

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