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  5. "Ydyn nhw'n yfed coffi?"

"Ydyn nhw'n yfed coffi?"

Translation:Are they drinking coffee?

September 8, 2016



How is "nhw" pronounced?


It is pronounced as it is spelt! The course voice pronounces this correctly in this sentence. To hear the word in isolation, go to www.ivona.com, then type in (with the commas):

nhw, nhw, nhw, nhw, nhw.

and choose 'Welsh, Geraint' or 'Welsh, Gwyneth' to speak it for you.

You can hear a real voice recording of it at www.gweiadur.com (you will need to register for free to use it, and it is a very useful dictionary anyway), search for 'nhw' and press the speaker icon next to the definition - the word it pronounces is nhw, not the alternative words next to it..

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