"It is four o'clock."

Translation:Mae hi'n bedwar o'r gloch.

September 8, 2016



Why not "ydy" instead of "mae"?

September 8, 2016


mae is used at the start of simple, unemphatic statements of fact or existence:

  • Mae hi'n hwyr - It is late (fact)
  • Mae'r gath wedi sgrapo Jonni bach - The cat has scratched little Johnny. (fact)
  • Mae teigr yn y gegin - There is a tiger in the kitchen (fact of existence - the tiger exists in the kitchen)

ydy is used at the start of a question of fact (but not a question of existence - oes is used for that):

  • Ydy hi'n hwyr?
  • Ydy'r gath wedi sgrapo Jonni bach?
  • Oes teigr yn y gegin?
September 8, 2016


Diolch yn fawr ;D

September 8, 2016


This is a rather complicated language. It is quite interesting.

March 17, 2017
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