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  5. "It is four o'clock."

"It is four o'clock."

Translation:Mae hi'n bedwar o'r gloch.

September 8, 2016



Why not "ydy" instead of "mae"?


mae is used at the start of simple, unemphatic statements of fact or existence:

  • Mae hi'n hwyr - It is late (fact)
  • Mae'r gath wedi sgrapo Jonni bach - The cat has scratched little Johnny. (fact)
  • Mae teigr yn y gegin - There is a tiger in the kitchen (fact of existence - the tiger exists in the kitchen)

ydy is used at the start of a question of fact (but not a question of existence - oes is used for that):

  • Ydy hi'n hwyr?
  • Ydy'r gath wedi sgrapo Jonni bach?
  • Oes teigr yn y gegin?


Diolch yn fawr ;D


This is a rather complicated language. It is quite interesting.

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