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  5. "Elas vieram para pedir paz."

"Elas vieram para pedir paz."

Translation:They came to ask for peace.

February 9, 2014



I feel this should be translated as 'they came to ask For peace'


It is accepted, at least now


"They came to seek peace" ?


I doubt it's even proper English grammar to leave out "for" in this case.


Its not grammatical without "for" .... seek can replace "ask for"


I think verb 'pedir' means to 'ask for'


Awkward! Awkward! Awkward translation. To ask FOR peace. Or even IN THE SERVICE OF peace.


Reported July 2017. "They came to ask peace" is incorrect.

They came to ask FOR peace.

They came to request peace.



is the "para" necessary? I thought the unconjugated pedir would translate into "to ask"


It is necessary. It's meaning here is "in order to":

  • Elas vieram para pedir paz = They came (in order) to ask for peace
  • Elas vieram pedir paz = They came asking for peace


In negotiating peace, we would say "they came to make peace". If this is a common Portuguese expression, then it should be translated to the common English one, no? PaulE , Emeyr, DanM?


Yes, I do agree that the most usual sentences should be used in both languages, but then be sure there would be many more complaints! =(


True, but I believe knowing exact meanings of common phrases in both languages is more important than translating literally, since word meanings can be entirely contextual so are often lost in literal translation.

Natives listen more by phrases and learners by words, so I am a firm believer that if you learn by phrase meaning you can infer contextual meanings of words.

Thanks Paulenrique for your prompt and balanced response, as always!


"They came to seek peace" should also be accepted. Reported.


The standard translation is now changed to "They came to ask for peace". But in the other direction, you could still find the old variety "They came to ask peace". Which is also translated into "Elas vieram para pedir paz". So the correction is only done halfway.

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