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  5. "The duck likes cold water."

"The duck likes cold water."

Translation:הברווז אוהב מים קרים.

September 8, 2016



So, as I understand מים קרים means that מים is a plural noun, isn't it? Or it's just an exception? Are there any other words of this kind?


Yes. Some words are set plurals, and some of them don't even have a singular form, such as מים. Other exceptions are: שמים, חיים, פנים (sky, life, face). This is actually a bit confusing for me because when I speak English I keep stopping myself saying "my face are" or "the sky are" or "life are".


Thanks a lot, I was afraid that I've missed something.


ברווז Is masculine?


Why are there two vavs in ברווז? There is only one shown on Google Translate, but Duolingo keeps correcting me when I spell it that way. How is it pronounced?


Fun fact, word Scottish Whisky in French and Hebrew is the same.... וויסקי , otherwise known as... Le Whiskey!


With and without niqud:

ברווז בַּרְוָז • (barváz) m


The duck likes cold WATERS XD


I'm having trouble with the audio. It sounds like baravazaz. But doitinHebrew.com Phonetic Translation gives barvaz as the proper pronunciation. Which is correct?


I think is barvaz.


So regardless of whether I'm talking about 1 Cup or bottle of water, it will always be plural? So never מים קר... Always מים קרים? But what if I'm saying I like hot water, or cold lemon water... אני אוהב מים קרים עם לימן? Am I correct?


Yes, water is always plural.

Your sentence would be:
אני אוהב מים חמים עם לימון

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