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Ænglisc / Old English - Lesson XIII - Grammar & Grammatical Cases IX (The Imperative Mood):


Ƿesaþ ġē hāl!

If you missed the previous lesson (The Subjunctive Mood) click here -

Now we go over the last mood - the Imperative!

What is a mood - look here now!!!

Put simply, the Imperative Mood is a verb form in which an order or command is being given (e.g "go there" or "stay here")

Example I:

(ModE) Go there!

(OE) Gā Þǣr!

Why is this in the imperative? A command is being given. What is in the Imperative? Only verbs take the imperative, and Gā is the imperative, singular form of the verb gān (to go).

Summary: The Imperative is used for commands / orders!

That is all for this lesson! For more information on the Imperative Mood, click here -](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTp8jZOIaTc=5=PLX2L8KuRbPMCp1LGy9KgXOsqxp5OuA-Y4)

If this has inspired you/ started you to think that OE may be for you, check out Leornende Eald Englisc, here

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September 8, 2016


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