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Idea for Duolingo

I was thinking it would be a good idea to have a lesson type called "Find the mistake", where it would list the most common mistake(s) taken from the user base, for questions from lessons.

The general idea is that the learner has to correct the mistake, e.g give them a question such as "Ich heißen Tom", and they have to put in the correct version.

I reckon this could be pretty useful, especially since I make mistakes quite a lot ;)

September 8, 2016



That's a brilliant idea. I would implement it as either late in the tree, or its own feature. It might be a bit advanced for those just starting out.


Perhaps, but I reckon it should be built around common mistakes made in the Duolingo community - so early on it would ask for things based on their skill level. Although like you said it might be a bit complicated for new learners, so it could be made into a separate function, or even optional.


Perhaps. Excellent idea. I applaud you


Thanks for the support :)


But it could also re-enforce those errors in your mind.


Yeah, I think they can be used in evaluation exercises, but not learning exercises.

Multiple exposures could lead to the brain mistaking them for knowledge.

Not exactly the same, but similar...



That's a really good idea :)


The idea is beautiful and I recommend you change the post's topic to Duolingo in English so that more people will see this!


I really like your idea! Peer reviews are great!


yes, I think that it's a good idea!!!

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