"A turisták felsétálnak a hegyre."

Translation:The tourists walk up the mountain.

September 8, 2016

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I'm now so conditioned to expect an awkward translation, that I tried 'up onto the mountain' . This one got fixed before I got here :)


How can this be 'on the mountain' as given in the answer? Shouldn't it be walking up to the mountain? On the mountain would be hegyen, yes?



They are walking on the mountain - A hegyen sétálnak.


I see "walking up the mountain" as the best answer.

Are you using the app or the website?


website...and here in this discussion is 'walking up the mountain' is given but when I did the exercise it said 'walking on the mountain' even though it was hegyre and not hegyen. The joys of Beta!


Sometimes when I cheat and look at the hover hint for a word, I might use one of the words listed there in my translation. Often that word is rejected. It seems to me that if the word is in the hint, it should also be allowed as an answer.


The hover hints are automatically generated, compiled from all the meanings the respective word(s) get attributed throughout the course. It's mostly just that - a hint, not the solution.
That being said, a lot of possible right answers are still missing.


Oh, I didn't realize that. It makes more sense now.


Again I am getting dinged for not including the optional the? I think. Thanks.


why is 'the tourists are walking up to the mountain' wrong?


That's some speciality of English, but 'walk up to' sounds like they're just going to the mountain and picnic at the base. The tourists in the sentence actually climb to the top, though.


Doesn't the word "hegy" mean "hill" as well, in addition to "mountain"? If so: why is my translation "The tourists walk up onto the hill" wrong then?


Well, Hungarian mountains aren't especially high, but there's still a better word for "hill": domb.


-------- actually i think that duo is saying that "onto " is wrong . i use hill for hegy all the time and i've never been incorrect - for using hill . . .

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