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Question about mobile app

When I get a question right when using the mobile app I see a flag link to report a problem but no link to make a discussion comment. Is this intentional? Why shouldn't I be able to comment just because I answered correctly?

September 8, 2016



I should restate my question... I just noticed that in the mobile app I can't comment after a question whether I get it right or I get it wrong. I can only report an error. Why is this?


The same thing happened to me today. I don't know what to do. The discussions were so helpful. :(

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Same here, I guess this is a bug that they will fix, because discussions are simply a must have to answer questions about why this or that is wrong etc...


The comments are a very important part of the learning process. They were gone for me today as well.


I haven't been able to comment at all from the iOS app for iPad (unsure if that's the ssme or differrnt from the iPhone but I think it may be, we'll see I guess, when my new iPhone comes in!). Haven't been able to report either. This is my first language on duo so I wasn't sure if these options were there on others on the app or not.

I always go to the site on my iPad browser for each new lesson (think there's either an iPad optimized site or I'm just viewing the full site there because you also don't get comments on the general mobile site on a phone) because I find the comments so valuable and just review on the app if I use it at all. I've had issues to report and veen unable to do so on the app or before that just using the mobile site. Frustrating.

Which app version is everyone else using and on what device? Sounds like comments normally are there for everyone else???

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I have a similar problem on the Android App: I can see comments and post a new comment, but I can't answer existing comments and I've raised an issue about it but haven't got any feedback. I can report, though.

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