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  5. "Η γυναίκα πίνει νερό."

"Η γυναίκα πίνει νερό."

Translation:The woman drinks water.

September 8, 2016



I am still trying to make out the γ sound. In the tips it is said to be like the w in woman. Here however it sounds so much more like a 'y' sound 'yeeneka'


Yes, the letter γ has two sounds: [ɣ] (like a voiced version of [χ]) before back vowels /a o u/ and [ʝ] (similar to English "y" but with a bit more friction) before front vowels [e i].

Here the gamma is in front of a front vowel and so it sounds similar to the "y" in English.

(Actually, three sounds since the letter can also stand for [ŋ] as in "sing".)


Thanks. What happens to it in γλυκό? O there was a better recording now... so I guess 'gl'


The basic sound is [ɣ] and so that's what you should be hearing before λ ρ and, I think, also before ν μ.




my mum is greek and she pronounces the letter γ as gh


I put 'The woman drinks water' but it said it was wrong and it should have said lady. But above it says woman. Which is right?? Thanks


I wrote WOMAN and now they want me to put "lady". when did she get more refined? :p


I wrote The woman drinks water and it told me I had a typo in my answer and it had the word the underlined. Mot sure what I did wrong, if anything.


Would it be better used in Greece to say "May I have water, please"

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