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"Hi, I am János. What's your name?"

Translation:Szia, János vagyok. Hogy hívnak?

September 8, 2016



What does téged mean, and can I leave it out?


The phrase Hogy hívnak téged? that is used for "What's your name?" translates literally as "How do they call you?", and téged is the "you." It can be left out, as long as you expect the other person would understand from context who you're asking about.

"What's my name?" would be expressed as "How do they call me?" which is Hogy hívnak engem? You could also drop the engem from that sentence if it's clear from context who you're asking about.

But that means the short phrase Hogy hívnak? could mean ...me or ...you. And so sometimes it is nice (or important) to include the objects for clarity.


Very clear, köszönöm


Téged is the accusative case of te, i.e. informal singular 'you'. We use it as an indicator at a introduction. But you may leave it out. it's not necessary.


Hivnak was not introduced earlier in the course, and the language hints suggest Mi nevedet.


Whats the difference between hogy hivnak and mi a nevek


I used: "Szia, én János vagyok. Mi a neved?" And it seems to be ok...is it really?


'Én vagyok János' kinda has a different emphasis.

It still means 'I am János' but more like if for example there were 2 boys in a room and you pointed at one of them and said 'gyere ide János - come here János' but the boy you pointed at was actaully called József. Then József would say 'én Józsi vagyok - I'm Józsi' and then János would step forward and say 'én vagyok Jani - I'm Jani'.

I'm sorry if that was confusing, it's difficult to explain things when they're technically correct but you don't use them that way, especially when the English translation is the same exact thing.

So basically 'én vagyok' is used when talking about yourself.


Yeah it is. Including én in the sentence is unnecessary however, but not incorrect.


Can i say my name is with nev instead of vagyok?


Yes. Like I am Szonja. It means Szonja vagyok.


You can say 'A nevem (...)'.

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