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  5. "Rhaglen gyfrifiadurol"

"Rhaglen gyfrifiadurol"

Translation:A computer program

September 8, 2016



Rhaglen deledu am gyfrifiadurau oedd "Y Rhaglen Gyfrifiadurol" yn yr wythdegau. (Disclosure - I looked back to our discussion about "Cymdeithas newydd" to check the grammar on that. Edit - added the mutation on deledu after checking genders in Ap Geiriaduron)


Isn't this usually just called an App? (I left school 40 years before any of this was thought of. All I know is that Apps seem to install themselves on my mobile, and then run, not doing anything I want, and leave me with 5% batteries.)


In my experience (only thirty-five years employed in IT), App refers to programs to run on mobile devices (phones and tablets), whereas program or application (confusingly sometimes informally abbreviated to app) refers to programs to run on more conventional personal, mini- or mainframe computers.


Is there no distinction in Welsh between a program and an application? To me an application is something a bit more complete. If I hack together something just to say "Croeso Byd" it's a program but I wouldn't call it an application.


I can't comment on the Welsh, but I agree with you - "application" applies to that subset of "program" that actually does something worthwhile that is more than a single simple task. So "grep" on UNIX or Linux is a program, but Microsoft Word is an application.


What is the Welsh word for an app?

[deactivated user]

    Would 'Computer Programme' be acceptable as well?


    If it is spelt 'program', yes - that seems to be the standard spelling if it is a computer program, as opposed to a British English 'programme of work' or 'TV programme'.

    [deactivated user]

      Thanks for that, ibisc, I hadn't picked up on that. still learning


      Interesting! So even in Britain, if it's a computer program, they don't use the British spelling of "programme"? Hmmm. I'll have to ask my niece if that's true in Canada.

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