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  5. "Andate allo zoo!"

"Andate allo zoo!"

Translation:Go to the zoo!

February 9, 2014



I assume that this sentence can only be addressed to a group of people? For a single friend/child (informal) you would say vai allo zoo or the polite form vada allo zoo?
It's quite muddling because the 2nd person plural is also andate so the sentence ending with a . means "You go to the zoo", with a ? means "Do you go to the zoo" and with a ! means "Go to the zoo". Of course in reality context would settle it.


I keep saying 'walk' for andare and getting it wrong, because the Spanish version, 'andar' means 'walk' in Spanish. Oh well, this is Italian not Spanish :)


Fun fact: In Argentina we use Spanish "andar" pretty much like Italian "andare" in some cases. Like "Andá al zoológico!", i.e. "Go to the zoo!" (singular 2nd pers imperative)


I think that's because half of Argentina has Italian ancestors.


Why was "you all go to the zoo" marked incorrect?


I wrote the same thing you all


Because even in the South, you can't use "y'all" like that. It's the same way that if you're using the imperative to tell a single person to do something, you don't say, "You [command]." You just give the command.


I forgot the point ! And it said me error


is it mandatory to put an exclamation point at the end of commands in Italian?


Couldn't it also mean ' you are going to the zoo!" As in guess what?


imperativo presente

va, va', vài (non andàre) tu

vàda egli

andiàmo noi

andàte voi

vàdano essi


I think this list is helpful but it feels likr a code im trying to crack...

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