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  5. "Καλημέρα!"


Translation:Good morning!

September 8, 2016


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Is καλημερα also used in the afternoon?


In the later afternoon, you use καλησπέρα (good afternoon/evening). When you are heading home for the evening, as in you will no longer see the people you are saying goodbye to, you use καληνύχτα (good night). I am learning Greek, but lived there almost 3 years. I lived in the Ναύπλιο area and these are the greetings I heard and used regularly.


Forgive me if this is covered in the unit notes, I didn't think to look before starting my review... based on similarities with "good evening," would it be safe to guess that καλη by itself is some form of "good"?


That's right; "good" is καλός (dictionary form = masculine nominative singular). καλή is the feminine form, and is the one found in καλημέρα < καλή μερα = καλή ημέρα and in καληνύχτα < καλή νύχτα.

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