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Updating my dictionary?

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Hey guys (<- I'm loving the sound of "guys" <3 soo much!),

thinking about whether I should update/replace my old bilingual dictionary (English/German - German/English) or not. And if so which one to buy?

In these days I'm always using online dictionaries, such as dict.cc. Today I stumbled upon the Cambridge Dictionary (which is, in my opinion, way better than dict.cc!).

But, as I tend to spend too much time on websites, especially when there is so much content to explore (like Cambridge Dictionary...) AND the desk dictionaries are going up to C1/C2, the highest level in English there is), I think maybe a new dictionary (and thesaurus? ;-)) on my desk could serve a great purpose :-) So I'm flirting with the thought of buying a monolingual (!) dictionary, but 1.) I don't know if I really should do it and 2.) I have difficulties to decide which one :-/

I've been looking around and saw the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary (covers British AND American English) and the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary for learners of English (covers American English).

The same goes with the thesaurus. The one with British AND American English or the "American only" one? help

The greatest love I feel for American English, but I love British English, too. Only it's not so present in my life right now :-)

What would you do, if you were walking (?) in my shoes? :-)

Thanks guys (... and again ;-))

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