"A kilencvenedik széken ülsz?"

Translation:Do you sit on the ninetieth chair?

September 8, 2016



Is seat not a valid translation for szék? Maybe seat would be better translated with hely?

March 24, 2017


I think we really say sitting IN the 90th chair

September 8, 2016


It depends on whether the chair has arms or not - especially plushy armchairs that you sink down into would be "in the chair", while your average kitchen chair (straight hard back, no armrests) would probably be "on".

September 9, 2016


Strange question! I'll have to get up and walk around to check whether the chair I'm sitting in is the ninetieth. But by the time I've done that, someone else may be sitting there!

May 7, 2017


The translation sounds strange. "Are you sitting in/on the ninetieth chair?" sounds better.

December 6, 2018
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