"A fiú és a lány nem az üzletben beszélgetnek, hanem a magas épületben."

Translation:The boy and the girl are not talking in the store, but in the tall building.

September 8, 2016

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the boy and the girl are not chatting in the shop, but in the tall building

chat is a standard translation for beszélget, and shop works for üzlet in other sentences too.


Shop should be accepted We have "shops" not "stores" in the UK

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last time beszelget came up I used talk and got it wrong, I was supposed to use chat. This time I used chat and the answer is talk. Reporting


There is no choice at all!


shop wasnt accepted, only store. kind of American


There is one "the" too short in the answer word bank. The Hungarian text says "the" boy and "the" girl. Am I wrong?


Yes, it does. But the answer that your task was looking for might just have been "The boy and girl..." This course still has a number of rough edges.


1) As of 30 Nov, "chatting" is accepted. 2) "Beszél" is speak, "beszélGET" is chat.


Hello. I would make lots of these sentences shorter. The both can chat or talk everywhere but it could be much more easier when only one location per sentence is used. Am I right? And the damn store or shop could be in the tall building, too...


The slot to move on to the next one is covered and I'll lose all my progress if I drop out and start again.

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should this be accepted? Doesn't beszel mean to talk or speak? "the boy and the girl don't speak in the store, but in the tall building"


A bit more strictly, beszél means "to speak" (one is doing the talking), while beszélget is "to talk, to chat" (talk and reply).


The order of the sentence is exactly the same meaning in English - The boy and the girl are not in the store talking, but...


That sounds like terrible English. Unless you're treating "are" and "talking" as two different actions (which the Hungarian sentence doesn't do), it doesn't make a lot of sense.

Try with "The boy and the girl not in the store talk..." and you'll see that it's weird.


The English translation was missing one more "the" tile... Left it out, got marked as wrong, of course. :/ First time I have to report something (Oct 3, 2018)!


Talking in the store, in the store talking, dam the syntax


üzlet can be either a store or a shop ; big can be used for a store


magas could be either big or tall ; tall generally apply to people

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