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"Ο ήχος από τη φυσαρμόνικα είναι τέλειος."

Translation:The sound of the harmonica is perfect.

September 8, 2016



Why does one use από τη here rather than just της to express possession?


"Ο ήχος της φυσαρμόνικας είναι τέλειος" would be correct and mean exactly the same thing. It's probably what I would use in real life too. But be careful to add the ς at the end of φυσαρμόνικα since it's now a different case.


No. You don't hold a harp up to your mouth and blow in; you sit in front of it and pluck the strings with your fingers.


Oh very droll. My dict. Gives it as an alternative translation.


Interesting. Apparently a "blues harp" is a kind of harmonica. I hadn't heard of that instrument name before.

I'm not sure whether plain "harp" would be understood as a wind instrument. Perhaps in proper context.


In the song "Me and Bobby Magee" the harmonica is referred to as a harpoon :)


yes, harp. Harp is also a common informal name for the harmonica, mainly used by country and blues musicians.


Google images for a picture. We always called this musical instrument a mouth organ when I was young. Interestingly a fisharmonica in Italian is an accordion!

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