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  5. "You read these newspapers."

"You read these newspapers."

Translation:Εσύ διαβάζεις αυτές τις εφημερίδες.

September 8, 2016



Without the εσύ it, it is marked wrong. It should I think be optional.


Of course, if I can access the incubator (I've had trouble all day) I'll edit it. No, 404 again. I'll again later. What unit is it in? Sometimes I can do it that way.


Sorry, I don't remember, It was a " strengthen " exercise somewhere in the first ten or so.


Ah, that explains it. We don't have access to the strengthen skills. We never even get to see them, except of course if we do them. They are a random sampling from the units being strengthened. Of course, as you say the sentence is fine without εσυ. I'll see if there is a means of Reporting it and will do so. thanks for bringing it to our attention.

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