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  5. "Η τομάτα της σαλάτας."

"Η τομάτα της σαλάτας."

Translation:The tomato of the salad.

September 8, 2016



Yes, we slipped up with ντοματο/τοματα. Sorry. It's been reported and we hope it will be edited soon.


Faulty English translation, "salad" is no person! Use "of"-phrase here. And, to my mind, the phrase "the tomato of the salad" doesn't make much sense in English anyhow. An English speaker would probably use the phrase "tomato in the salad" instead. (Of course the matter can be looked at more detailed-wise. Animacy, possessive relation, and more. But this does not change the argument concerning "the salad's tomato")


This definitely doesn't make sense


It means the tomato you use for salad or the tomato included in a salad.


-What are those red things in the salad?

-They are the salad's tomatoes, but I know, they don't seem than they are.


Hello , why σαλατας goes with της, I Thought the -as ending was a masculine noun, I am confused


Hi! Σαλάτας is the genitive form. The nominative form (where one can see the gender by its ending) is η σαλάτα, where the ending -α denotes a feminine noun. So, η σαλάτα (nominative), της σαλάτας (genitive), την σαλάτα (accusative), σαλάτα (vocative). ;)


I typed "the salad's tomato" and it was wrong?


It was added some time after your comment.


I thought it was η ντομάτα, not η τομάτα.


Yes, if you check out the other comments on this page you'll see that ...ντομάτα is the prevalent word but τομάτα is also used. This will be edited in the new tree.


I can see other comments regarding this transaction. How soon the corrections happen?


It usually takes about 1 week or so for changes to take effect on the user's end.


Why it is not Tomato salad?


It is only talking about the "tomato" that is in the salad. It's not a salad with only tomatoes. And I think this is a really weird sentence so don't worry about it. Just learn the words.


How do you know its not a salad of tomatoes? It could just be a mixture of different coloured and tasting ones. Eg gardener's delight, cherry tomatoes, yellow toms, baby plum toms etc etc lol. But yes the sentence is definitely wrong


I know because that's what "the tomato of the salad" means. It's like saying the "shoe of the child" the shoe that belongs to the child. The sentence is what it is...but it is not wrong.


In English you would say "The tomatoe salad" or " the salad of tomatoes" (English spell Tomatoe with an e on the end, although Americans don't).


But we are not trying to say ...." the tomato salad"...we are referring to the tomato which the salad contains. And btw in both AE and BE it is "tomato" the plural takes the "e"...."tomatoes" Here it is in

the Cambridge Dictionary...pretty British right>


Check out the British English here


this from Oxford https://www.lexico.com/definition/tomato

If we wanted to say "the tomato salad" we would definitely say "the tomato salad" .


jaye16, you are quite obvious right. Could it also mean 'the tomato set aside for making the salad'? And cold you use η ντομάτα για την σαλάτα (before you make it) or η ντομάτα στην σαλάτα (when you have prepared the salad)?


Good suggest "'the tomato set aside for making the salad'. I can imagine someone looking in the fridge for "the tomato of the salad"

Thank you.


It is not tomato but ντομάτα

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