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  5. "הם נמצאים ביוון."

"הם נמצאים ביוון."

Translation:They are in Greece.

September 8, 2016



I would also like to know why "They are found in Greece" was marked wrong. After all, if you have friends or neighbors in Greece at the moment wouldn't you just say "הם ביוון"? I'm thinking this could be the answer to the question "Where do you find the best olives?" "They are found in Greece."


Well, the passive meaning "to be found" has paled and now the verb means mainly "to be (in a place)".


why is "they are found in greece" graded wrong?


Why is “They are located in Greece” not accepted?


Where does the name יוון come from? What is the connotation, and how is it connected to the country of Greece?


Well, here you have the Ἴωνες Ionians who lived in Ἴωνία Ionia of Asia Minor. Some other languages use this tribe to name Greece, including Armenian, Arabic, Persian and Sanskrit. Most languages derive the name of the country from Ἑλλάς Hellas or Latin Graecia instead.


בְּאוֹפֶן כְּלַל יָוָון רָחוֹק מִיַּפָּן.

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