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Lost the ability to view comments in the Android app

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After each sentence, I could access comments about that sentence by tapping a button. They were an essential part of my learning because that way I could ask native speakers or more advanced students about the nuances of meaning for each sentence. At some point yesterday (2016/09/07), I only get the message "You are correct" following each sentence, without any link at all to the discussions.

Practically if you are on a smartphone, there is no way to view the comments now, because even in the browser you can only access them on the Desktop version of the site (not the mobile one).

September 8, 2016



FYI, from staff:

The discussions are temporarily turned off on android while we install a profanity filter to deal with some of the language that was appearing in the sentence discussions


I'm a huge fan of Duolingo, but they suck at communication. How hard would it have been to make a forum post saying that's what they were doing?

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Thank you for the information. I am relieved to hear this!


Thank you for the info. I had thought that as a community, we self-policed ourselves fairly well in the discussions. Excessive profanity was usually downvoted. Perhaps they are worried that now there are classrooms and more young students, the profanity will be an issue, but I had thought that teachers could turn off the discussions for their own classes. I hope that the discussions are returned soon; I found it useful both for learning and for helping others.


Only Android? What is the point of that?

So I can be exposed to endless profanities on my laptop, but not on my tablet. I'm sorry but that makes no sense to me whatsoever. By taking this (unannounced) action, I got drawn into thinking that I had an issue with my tablet.

However, I am pleased that Duolingo is taking steps to keep discussions clean and suitable for all ages...


Really? And 9 months later? That's a pretty important function, much too important to lose just because some silly people have thin skin regarding certain words!


I appreciate this information. Thank you!


O.O they are going ahead with the filter? whoa. I somehow didn't see the update about it.


Oh wow, I'm so glad this issue of not seeing comments is being discussed. I didn't know what happened and was starting to think it was either something with my computer, or that I had been blackballed from further comments because of something I might have said. I've been a college teacher for years and didn't think it could have been something I said, but ya never know. People take offense at the oddest things. Anyway, glad to hear it's not just me.

In the future, could the Duolingo staff please make a general announcement when they make system-wide changes like this?



was starting to think it was either something with my computer

If you don't have discussions on your computer then it's not linked to staff's current action (which affects only the access to discussions on Android devices.


I am having this problem now. 1/18/17


Hi DenisBouch7,

effect/problem on user-side but the current issue resulting in exercise discussions not being available is not the same as the one discussed in this 4 months old discussion.

About this current issue of "features temporarily disabled by staff”(*), see the Support pages or this existing discussion which is currently the top-discussion in the default tab(*) of the Troubleshooting forum(**).
In order to "concentrate" all discussions about this issue in one discussion (the one linked), I'll close yours.

(*) to ensure for the rest of the Duolingo to work
(**)default tab = “Popular” tab
(***) in English


As of today (Sat 9/10) I cannot access any of the Discussions after the questions on my Macbook Air. It's a little frustrating. Sometimes a web address related to Adobe Flash appears in the lower left corner. Wish I knew what was going on.


Okay - 10 minutes later and it seems to be working. Thanks for the quick fix.

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