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  5. "Andai al mercato."

"Andai al mercato."

Translation:I went to the market.

September 8, 2016



Here in the US we always use the word 'store' for market. It would be rare to hear someone say, "I went to the market".


You make a decent cultural point but in regards to translation store is negozio and has quite a different meaning.


The above comments are correct, but we also use "market" in American English. You're just thinking of a supermarket, which we would refer to as a store. But if you're going to an open-air market of some kind (like a farmer's market), you would never say you were going to a store.


That is true, in the U.S. we use the word 'market' to mean something more specific, especially if 'market is included in the title of such a place. Many times, even usually, we simply say "We are or I am going shopping".


My translation was " I went shopping" but DL rejected it. It is possible I suppose that some people go to market for fun?


It's because "andare al mercato" isn't the phrase for "go shopping." That's "andare a fare shopping" or "fare spese."

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