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  5. "Do not click there!"

"Do not click there!"

Translation:Μην κλικάρεις εκεί!

September 8, 2016



Why is μην used for negation here instead of δεν?


Because the verb here is in Imperative and μην is used for commands instead of δεν.


For this artificial Gringlish verb, why is ´κλικάρε´ as imperative marked wrong in favour of ´κλικάρεις' second person?


Every verb in "negative imperative" actually uses aorist subjunctive. Φάε >μην φας, μίλησε >μην μιλάς etc. That's the case for verbs in -άρω where the aorist subjunctive is the same as the present subjunctive which looks like present indicative.

Note: the root of the verb comes from the sound-imitating French word "clic".


troll95 - Wow. Very helpful - I´d never picked up on the negative imperative difference. Ευχαριστώ! I think the root also comes from English ´click´, also onomatopoeic - in fact, given the predominance of English on the net, as this lesson demonstrates, I suspect the English connection is more probable.

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