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  5. "אתה נתתָ לי את זה!"

"אתה נתתָ לי את זה!"

Translation:You gave me this!

September 8, 2016



This module is very slow going - not just the mixed up audio, but a lot of sentences in which literal direct English is rejected as "incorrect".

Here, for example "You gave this to me" is rejected ... gets a bit exhausting trying to make progress in it :-)


Is the construct נתתני archaic and no longer in use?


My dictionary has it as meaning "You gave me." ...must still be in use...


Take heart, it is improving. I answered the same, and got it right! :)

I assume that, when translated, the "You" is emphasized, otherwise the pronoun would be implied?


? Why can't you say נתן לי


Because the word "you" (אתה) is the subject of this sentence, then the verb tense "you gave" (נתתָ) must agree with the subject "you". The verb "נתן" can't be used here because it means "he gave", which would not agree with the meaning "you gave" (נתתָ)


Lady very difficult to understand. Doesn't speak clearly

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