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"Η εφεύρεση του ηλεκτρισμού ήταν σημαντική."

Translation:The invention of electricity was important.

September 8, 2016


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Electricity is a form of energy so it was not invented, it was discovered!



Η ανακάλυψη του ηλεκτρισμού ήταν σημαντική. = The discovery of electricity was important.


I cringed when I was translating this one...


D_.. Great comment! That's exactly right: electricity was NOT invented, it was discovered!


Please correct it. It is a scientific mistake and DL is used by adolescents who go to school and maybe they will learn it wrong. Δεν είναι εφεύρεση!


I see no correction yet. Electricity was discovered, not invented. Παρακαλώ διορθώστε το, θα μας κοροιδεύει ο κόσμος!


Well, to be fair, the Greek team cannot alter the sentences in this tree because the original sentences are locked.

It would be nice to hear that this has been or will be corrected in the new tree, though.


Ποια είναι η διαφορά του ¨"invented" και "discovered"??


invent - εφευρίσκω

discover - ανακαλύπτω

You discover something that was always there, but "hidden". For example, you can discover a new planet, or you can discover how to make steel from iron.

You invent something that is new, that was only in your mind before. For example, many years ago, people invented the wheel. Later, people invented steam engines, cars, and computers.


Who knows? We can't see what you wrote and you didn't tell us.

What was the entire sentence that you wrote?


2 things: why not "his invention..."? And 2nd, electricity was discovered, not invented.


why not "his invention..."?

That would be η εφεύρεσή του with two accents.

Also, η εφεύρεσή του ελεκτρισμός would not be grammatical.

"His discovery, electricity, ..." would be η εφεύρεσή του, ο ελεκτρισμός, ....

And 2nd, electricity was discovered, not invented.

That was already mentioned on this page; there's no need to do so again.


Will the sentence content ("discovered" not "invented") ever be corrected? This kind of stuff (and the mispronunciations of the new Mr. Greekbot) make me not trust this whole language module. I don't know enough to discount the errors.

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Yes, the new tree will not have the scientific error fo "invent" instead of "discover" but we can't progress with the release until the problems with the audio are corrected so you see we are in a vicious cycle...not of our making.

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