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"Без сахара это печенье не такое вкусное."

Translation:Without sugar, this cookie is not so tasty.

September 8, 2016



I didn't try it, but is "biscuit" acceptable? As the UK equivalent of "cookie"


I have tried it on another question and it was rejected. Hopefully if it's reported, this will change.

edit - I have seen it accepted at least once on this course. At, the moment, it's still inconsistent


Is it just me, or should "not so tasty" and "not too tasty" be interchangeable here?


In English, people under the age of 55 wouldn't say, "This isn't SO tasty." They would say, " This cookie isn't VERY tasty." Some of the sentences in this app are translated too literally and it's frustrating as a native speaker of English to be told you got something wrong when you knew it was right based on how you and everyone you know would say it


A cookie without sugar isn't a cookie at all. It's some sort of bread. A heavy, greasy bread. Or a really thick cracker. Or a kind of building material.


Dwarf bread! (Discworld...)


I wrote `without sugar this cookie is not very delicious.' According to my native Russian speaker husband, that is a correct translation, but the green bird didn't accept it.

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