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  5. "Syftet är att hjälpa barnen."

"Syftet är att hjälpa barnen."

Translation:The purpose is to help the children.

September 8, 2016



Shouldn't "intention" be allowed here as a translation for "syfte"?


No, intention = avsikt.


Norstedts (my little blue sv/en dictionary, unfortunately their website is broken) Wikipedia & Lexin (online) all give avsikt and syfte as synonyms, and I don't see a big difference in real world usage. T.ex. "Syftet med uppsatsen är att ..." vs "Mitt syfte med denna uppsats...", could easily be translated to either intention or purpose and be completely correct in English.


Svensk ordbok has better explanations. avsikt is about what you mean to do as in the "direction of (the agent's) will" and syfte is "the intended result of an action". Thus you can have a section in your uppsats that is called Syfte, but you can't call it Avsikt.


utan syfte skulle vi inte existera!


Translation: Without a purpose, we would not exist!

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