" gar uaim."

Translation:I want a favour.

September 8, 2016


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I would say là éigin . And the free form is subjectless, so gar a dhéanamh might be more likely. I would be tempted to remove agat as you already have ort to call the favour (i assume you do not intend to ask...)

Toask a favour of s.o., gar a iarraidh ar dhuine. Todo s.o. a favour, soilíos m, gar m, a dhéanamh dodhuine. Will you do me a favour?an ndéanfágar dom? 

April 8, 2018


Ceart go leor, ach éigin lá glacfaidh mé ort, gar a dhéanfar dom agat. Is this close to being correct? Think the Godfather.

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