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Assignments not showing for kids who joined class after assignment posted

I opened the first month-long assignment for my classes, due October 2. At that time, not all of my students had successfully joined the online classroom, but now they have. The assignment is not showing up on my teacher view for the kids who joined the classroom after the assignment was posted, but they also need to do it. How can I make the assignment show up for them, too?

September 8, 2016



If you go to the assignment, there should be a notification like "2 students have joined your class since this was assigned, would you like to assign it to them now?" and a button to "assign now". Are you saying this button is not showing?


Got it! Thanks so much!


Oh, but it starts their assignment now, not based on how much they have done since the date I assigned it. That's unfortunate.


That's right. It starts from the point that the assignment was assigned to them.

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