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  5. "Tại sao chính phủ cần thuế?"

"Tại sao chính phủ cần thuế?"

Translation:Why does the government need taxes?

September 8, 2016



chính phủ 政府

Mandarin zhèngfǔ; Cantonese zing3 fu2;

thuế 稅

Mandarin shuì; Cantonese seoi3


'Tax' is not accepted. 'Tax' is generally an uncountable noun in English, but can also be countable when we need to talk about different kids of tax. However, as the original vietnamese is not plural, 'tax' is a better translation.


For the love of British English speakers please allow the collective nouns to take a plural conjugation ie 'Why do the government need taxes?'. I'm getting frustrated getting these marked wrong every time


No Chinese here please


What do you mean? There are so many Han`Viet words in vietnamese. We mention it to help others who know Chinese to learn Vietnamese better. If you think it made you confused, please ignore it. Thanks.

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