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  5. "Ai đã làm việc này?"

"Ai đã làm việc này?"

Translation:Who did this?

September 8, 2016



Why not "Who did this work?" I thought lam viec meant work. It also makes sense as in when you see a painting or sculpture and you ask "Who did this work?"


Consider it in chunks like this: Who / did / this (in reference to an affair or matter) Ai / đã làm / việc này. Việc can mean work, sure, but it can can mean a matter, affair, something that happened, etc. It has more meanings than work or job. Example: việc gì đã xảy ra thế? What has happened? Việc gì = what (roughly, in reference to the occurrence) đã xảy ra = has occurred/happened

Just stuff to chew on for later


Your explanations are quite useful. Thank you, Karen.


This is great. Sentence diagramming and translating each portion is an amazing insight; I actually believe this is good for students if they always have access to this option.


It says ''viec nay'' is a different word here. Correct me if I'm wrong but I guess, ''viec'' has no relation with ''lam'' in this sentence.


Why not "Who made this?" since "lam" can often be translated into English as either "do" or "make"?

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