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"The Czech Republic is in Europe."

Translation:Cộng hoà Séc ở châu Âu.

September 8, 2016



What does the nắm for in the Cộng hoà Séc nắm ở châu Âu multiple choice option?


"nằm" means "to lie" as in "The Czech Republic lies in Europe"


I wrote, Nước Cộng hoá Séc ở châu Âu, and it was incorrect? Why is that wrong?


What was said in another thread is that you shouldn't add "nước" before countries that have "cộng hóa" (republic) or "quốc" (nation) in their name already, because that would be redundant.


Thank you for repeating "what was said in another thread" - so tiresome to have to go searching for answers in these forums!!! This should have been in the Tips section. Right beside where we didn't need to memorize/learn these terms because no one uses them.


I'm confused about this too. There are a few other times I've been marked incorrect by including "nước" in front of the country's name. As far as I can tell it should be accepted.


Why is '..đang ở châu Âu' marked wrong?


they accept "đang ở châu Âu"?!! no, it definitely shouldn't be accepted.


I misspoke--it is indeed marked wrong. Yet we say "đang ở tù, đang ở nhà ga", etc. So why is 'đang ở Châu Âu' wrong?


because the Czech Republic is permanently in Europe, while the use of "đang" implies it wasn't there before and might not be there some time in the future (which is a nonsense for a country). "đang" marks the current time as opposed to other moments.


Cộng hoà Séc nắm ở châu Âu as multiple choice option.


Again, how are we as learners of a new language supposed to be able to translate from Vietnamese into English when we've never before encountered the word "nắm" in this context?


I usually just look it up somewhere else. You just get it wrong the first time. As long as you can be sure this is a correct vietnamese sentence, it's fine.


No, she is absolutely correct. Throwing new vocabulary and new constructions not previously introduced or taught is providing anyone with a new learning experience, but is instead an impediment to learning. It is an impediment because you need repetition to learn, and constantly bombarding the students with non-introduced material is not providing repetition. These things will not be retained as they are presented in these exercises sporadically,

There is no need to introduce new vocabulary or constructions out of the blue when the vocabulary and constructions introduced in the module suffice to do the job. Let the students repeat, repeat, repeat, and repeat again that material until they master it. I'm all for learning new things, in the proper doses, when properly introduced and taught. But that's not the case here.


I agree. It also doesn't help that the correct sentence listed on this page is different. If they want to teach us a new way to say this sentence, that's fine. But then they should actually explain the difference and not make us go hunting for answers in this forum. This crowd-sourcing way of teaching is SO frustrating.


the reason the answer here might differ from the one in the exercise is there are more than one preferred answer. we can of course change it back to just one and mark them as alternative answers, but people will say their answer is equally good and get frustrated over it.

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