"The kindergarten teacher is not shouting outside but inside."

Translation:Az óvónő nem kint kiabál, hanem bent.

September 8, 2016

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What's the word again for a kindergarten teacher who is not specified as female?


That is a good question :-)

There is a neutral word: óvodapedagógus = kindergarten pedagogue

And there is a special male word: óvobácsi.

Bácsi can be translated with "uncle", but it has in most cases the meaning of a non-relative person, that you know. Children are allowed to call adult people "bácsi" / "néni" ("uncle" / "aunt") without being considered as rude.


Uncle and aunt usually have "nagy" (grand) added: "nagybácsi" and "nagynéni".
"Bácsi" and "néni" can be generally any non-related adult, especially from small children's perspective. But you can also call adults in the family like that, with their names added. This is for people outside the immediate close family circle, where you are not bothering with the exact family relationship: "Zsuzsa néni", "Gábor bácsi", etc.


Oh, vvsey, that is so beautiful. I wish children in other western cultures (particularly mine) were so respectful.


Why does it matter where she is shouting? Isn't anybody concerned that she's yelling at kindergarteners?!:'-)


I am not a fan of those rediculous sentences.

The only important fact on that sentence is the negation. Usually you negate the verb. But if you put "nem" in front of another word, you negate this with the consequence, that the person you are talking to is expecting an alternative: "not inside but outside"


Of course. If she shouted outside, she might be prosecuted for mistreating the children whereas when nobody hears her indoors, she is relatively safe.

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