"A fiú egy telefont lát."

Translation:The boy sees a phone.

September 8, 2016

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Are these sentences right and with natural word order?

A fiú egy telefont lát, nem autót.

Egy autót a lány lát, nem a fiú.


The first one sounds natural, it puts the focus on the phone. The boy sees a PHONE, not a CAR. I'd say both sentences are correct, but the second one sounds very weird. Even though the grammar is okay, nobody would ever say such a sentence, and I cannot pinpoint exactly why. In its current structure it means "A car is being seen by the girl, not the boy." I'd rather say "A lány lát egy autót, nem a fiú." = "The GIRL sees a car, not the BOY."


I guess the weirdness comes from the indefinite nature of the object. Not a specific car, just "a car". So why is it so important that we put it in the front? Does not make much sense. But yes, it is a correct sentence.
Let's change the sentence to a definite one:
"Az autót a lány látja, nem a fiú." - I think it sounds much more normal. It is emphasizing the definite, specific car. It is a good sentence. We can also say "A lány látja az autót, nem a fiú", of course.

Let's pick a similar sentence:

"Ki kér egy almát?" - Who wants an apple?
"Egy almát ki kér?" - it sounds weird
"A lány kér egy almát, nem a fiú." - The girl wants an apple, not the boy.
"Egy almát a lány kér, nem a fiú." - sounds weird

Change to definite:

"Ki kéri az almát?" - Who wants the apple?
"Az almát ki kéri?" - good
"A lány kéri az almát, nem a fiú." - The girl wants the apple, not the boy.
"Az almát a lány kéri, nem a fiú." - also good!


Yes, my thoughts exactly. The topic should be something mutually known and understood, not something you are only introducing right now.


The boy sees a telephone. This was marked incorrect... but shouldn't this still work?


Why is telephone not a correct word? The boy sees a phone and I put The boy sees a telephone??!!

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