"Do we jump out from the room?"

Translation:Kiugrunk a szobából?

September 9, 2016

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Would "Ugrunk ki a szobából?" also be correct? (As in, do we jump out of the room, as opposed to walk out or limbo out?)


No, not really. When the focus is on the verb, it usually stays intact. If you want to emphasize the noun ("szoba"), then you do this:

"A szobából ugrunk ki?"

Another reason for splitting the verb is to express current action.

We are just now walking out of the room:

"Éppen most sétálunk ki a szobából."

On a closer look, this is not "another reason", because here, too, the focus is on the "right now" and not on the verb itself. So the verb, invariably, gets split.

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