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  5. "Το άλογο τρέχει."

"Το άλογο τρέχει."

Translation:The horse runs.

September 9, 2016



Why is one of the definitions of άλογο 'this horse is mine'?


Sorry, it was from another sentence. When we write definitions for a word it is shown in all the sentences using that word but in this case, it was a whole phrase and irrelevant. Thanks for the heads up, I've removed it.


Well... 'my toy' seems to also be a definition of "το" here. xD


What happens is that as new hints are added the old ones remain that's why it's always wise to choose the first hint. Check out this post I made a few years ago: here. It's the nature of the Duo hints system and we've learned through experience not to delete the old definitions because it messes up the previous sentences. And don't ask me why. ;-}


Oh my goodness. Duo is quite complicated, for an owl. xD Noted though, thank you ^.^


Yes, and it's said that the owl is not as smart as it's made out to be. ;)

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