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"Το δείπνο είναι κρέας χοιρινό"

Translation:The dinner is pork

September 9, 2016



Why is κρέας included? Is that to specify one is not going to eat a live pig for dinner? Does χοιρινό have the same connotation as pork, or just pig?


χοιρινός, χοιρινή, χοιρινό is an adjective which means made of pig. The full sentence should be Το δείπνο είναι κρέας χοιρινό (The dinner is meat made of pork), but in Greek very often the noun can be omitted and the adjective indicates the meaning of the omitted noun, therefore Το δείπνο είναι χοιρινό is correct, accepted and preferred by the Greek speakers. In the second sentence χοιρινό is considered a noun, not an adjective.


There continues to be an inconsistency in the expected translation. At times literal and other times the appropriate phrasing.


My guess is its so that you learn that both are acceptable to use


I hope someone from Duo staff reads these comments.


'Dinner is pork' still marked wrong.


I wrote "pork meat" and they say it is wrong answer


δείπνο - the reader pronounced the π as a b. I checked an independent dictionary and it is pronounced as a p. I was wondering whether this word changes with different regions.

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I hear a "p". Either way, the pronounciation is the same in all regions, as far as I know.


I have the same problem, I dont hear the "p" sound at all.


Is there a difference between "το δείπνο είναι κρέας χοιρινό" and just "δείπνο είναι κρέας χοιρινό"? If not, then "dinner/supper is pork" is the correct translation in English- the article is not used in this case (even more natural-sounding would be "pork is for dinner/supper" or "there is pork for dinner/supper")


Hi! Usually in Greek the subject of the verb needs the definite article, therefore δείπνο είναι κρέας χοιρινό is wrong.


Καταλαβαίνω, ευχαριστώ. (However, it is worth noting that the translation should be changed- "The dinner is pork" sounds a bit odd in English. On this exercise, I wrote "Dinner is pork" for the translation and it was marked incorrect).


Το ίδιο… "Dinner is pork" is still marked incorrect. Which reminds me: I'd better get cooking…


This lesson seems intended to confuse the learner. If you're going to use the greek word we learned as "meat" then it's confusion to use it where it seems apparent that it needs to be translated as such, but marked as wrong.

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