"The yard has a garden."

Translation:Η αυλή έχει κήπο.

September 9, 2016



Why εναν

March 20, 2017


How about "Η αύλη έχει ένας κήπος"? The says says it's wrong but I don't understand why I can't use "ένας" here.

September 9, 2016


This would be "Η αυλή έχει έναν κήπο" because ένας must be in the same case as the noun κήπος, in this sentence the accusative. It would be right this way. It's better to say "Η αυλή έχει κήπο" though, because the use of ένας in this sentence gives a meaning of "one and only".

September 9, 2016


How might this short sentence be rendered into UK English? The American word yard is often seen, in the UK, as a synonym for garden. Perhaps "the garden has a garden" or , less likely "the property has a garden" - not an easy sentence to put into UK English.

January 15, 2019


"The garden has a garden" doesn't make much sense, neither in US nor in UK English :P Also, ιδιοκτησία is the direct transaltion of property, so that would probably cause some confusion.

However, since most UK speakers know the meaning of the sentence in US English as well, and the course's English is US English (officially), it might be better to just stick to the main translation, as it is. We always try to include as many UK alternatives as we possibly can, to please most learners, but sometimes, (like in this case), it's pretty hard to do so. :P

January 15, 2019
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